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Internet bites

2009-07-02 04:47:32 by xarugas03

meh, maybe it's just me cuz i haven't really been actively submitting content to NG, and havent experienced my work being stolen and placed on diff sites. Gun & Sword is currently illegitimately posted on HERE (its available for effin download too)

Altho it seems not much harm is done cuz there isnt any user taking credit for it (and my end-credits are still there) but still, it ticks me off a bit. Not only that, ALOT of the recent stuff on NG are all there. Things like WKUK Russian Roulette, Deadbeat Boyfriend, SHOCK2 and alot more are all there.

Am i missing something? If this site is old news please do tell.

I need that URL blocker code for AS3 more than ever now x_X


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2009-07-03 22:00:32

dude that sucks.....i hope no one will rip off shadow genesis when i make it.....
hope for better things in the future my friend!



2009-07-05 05:09:44

nice clip for gun and sword, the action was pretty sweet, but in the regards of url protection you can take a look at this page for one possible solution: owthread.php3?t=170251


2009-07-05 05:20:42

I only have a really good copyright system in AS2. I can PM it to ya.


2009-07-25 12:19:11

Wow sorry to hear someone stole it


2009-09-20 07:10:09

i think you should use ad preloaders.


2009-10-18 19:23:14



2010-01-26 17:31:05

The secret to NG popularity is a good flash comedy. For some reason, comedy is the most popular here on Newgrounds. Be it a parody, a skit in flash, or your own comedy. People like comedy the most.

Well, that's what it seems like, here in Newgrounds. -KN


2010-05-07 21:20:28

THEY DID WOT?!?!!? >:o


2011-06-15 22:29:59

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2012-05-13 23:46:44

It really sucks. Some website stole my game "The Stick Adventure", and are saying its by them. Its so gay.


2014-12-24 14:03:36

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!